We make it easy for kids to find volunteer opportunities inside the DC Beltway.

When kids want to lend a helping hand, it can be a real hassle.  We’ve tried.  Either you cannot find an opportunity, it’s impossible to sign up, or you can’t find a ride.

Our interactive map will show you volunteer opportunities, that are kid friendly and kid reviewed.  The Map is color coded, to help you find a category based on your genuine interests.   The areas we focus on are Food, Animals, Crafts and Books, Military, Community and Environment.  The map will also display home activities.

One of our many goals for the future, are to have aBuilt to Help vehicle that runs the throughout the city. Now, those who never have a ride, can always hitch a ride to their destination on our Map.  #goals.  Please contact us if you have a questions, or are interested in helping.

We visit, review then map.  Check out our interactive map here