Kids Against Hunger

Kids Against Hunger came to my elementary school. We packed meals to transport overseas. We filled the bags of food, moved the bags, weighed the bags, and packed the bags in boxes. The younger kids decorated and sealed the bags.  My class and I loved the experience, we would recommend this non-profit to those who want to understand and help people across the world.  And hey, it’s also really fun.

Kid Museum

At Kid Museum, There were multiple activities ranging from making dog and cat toys to making bee hives from the invasive species of bamboo. We had the opportunity to create something helpful, in a really fun way. When you volunteer there, you always learn so much about what you are doing, and how it helps. There where a lot of bus stops nearby, making it very easy to get there. Also, if you prefer to drive there is a parking lot that has plenty of space. As well as having very little traffic on the drive there. Try it out, you will not regret it!

Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

At AWLA, we read to sheltered cats to sooth and calm them down, and help them socialize and interact with humans. I love animals and want to contribute by helping them in any way possible. AWLA gave me an opportunity to help animals who have struggled in their lives, and experience the comfort of petting a furry ball of love. Being at AWLA made my day, and I am sure it made some cats day too. It was quite a long drive for us, though Eisenhower Avenue metro station is an 8 min bus ride away. I would definitely recommend this to my friends because it was an adorable and eye-opening experience. Honestly, I would go back any day!

Claude Moore

Claude Moore is a farm located right next to the CIA.  It allows volunteers to learn about history, gardening, and animals.  We have visited, and volunteered at the Claude Moore Bookstore, a hidden secret not many people know about.  Inside the bookstore, there are some of the coolest books and the coolest people.  As a volunteer, we swept the floor, organized the books, and dusted the cobwebs. When we finished, the staff explained each component of their civil war guns. If you volunteer for an extended amount of time, you will have the opportunity to impersonate a towns member from 1771, in colonial fairs held at the farm. Locals from around McLean will come and buy colonial produce and relics. 

DIY Potomac heritage trail maintenance​

There are hundreds of trails inside the DC beltway.  Even though kids are not able to officially volunteer to maintain the trails, we can still pick up trash when we hike. (Plus you will find cool things like deer skulls!)  Just take a bag, and collect as you go.  Send us a picture and review of your volunteer adventure, and we will add it to the map and blog.  We are working on a way to get you credit for this opportunity as well.

Thrive D.C.

Thrive D.C. is a nonprofit organization that is working towards ending homelessness. The organization began in 1979, as a resource for homeless people to access food and water. Since then Thrive D.C. has grown to not just giving meals, but helping vulnerable people have more stable lives and inviting the homeless inside to rest and clean themselves. You can donate to the Thrive D.C. website and help end homelessness.


Lucky Dog. Animal Rescue.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue’s Youth Program is a program for kids to learn and get involved in LDAR’s mission of rescuing homeless and abandoned animals. Kids seven years and up can assist with weekly adoption events and fundraising as well as classroom appearance to spread awareness and teach about rescue and showing respect towards animals. Younger volunteers can also join a camp to learn about rescue and make toys for homeless pets and more! Volunteers fifteen and older can assist in the office and attend adoption events as a volunteer liaison and make sure everything is going smoothly and new volunteers are enjoying themselves. They can also attend adoption events and assist with foster check-in and check-out, work at the adoption table, and help in the puppy area.

Blessing Bags

Have you ever had that feeling in your gut when you pass a homeless person and you feel really bad?  Blessing bags  (not our idea but a really good one!) are a great way to help out, and volunteer.  It is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.  All you have to do is fill a ziplock bag with, toiletries (the hotel ones are good), food, and other useful items, Then keep them in your car. The next time you drive by a homeless person or someone in need of help you can share the bag from the window of your car.

Here are some possible items, you could put in your blessing bags or just put what you think is best.  A poem or note. Toothpaste and brush. Socks. Energy bars. Comb. Hand warmers. Water.