DIY Potomac heritage trail maintenance​

There are hundreds of trails inside the DC beltway.  Even though kids are not able to officially volunteer to maintain the trails, we can still pick up trash when we hike. (Plus you will find cool things like deer skulls!)  Just take a bag, and collect as you go.  Send us a picture and review of your volunteer adventure, and we will add it to the map and blog.  We are working on a way to get you credit for this opportunity as well.

Blessing Bags

Have you ever had that feeling in your gut when you pass a homeless person and you feel really bad?  Blessing bags  (not our idea but a really good one!) are a great way to help out, and volunteer.  It is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.  All you have to do is fill a ziplock bag with, toiletries (the hotel ones are good), food, and other useful items, Then keep them in your car. The next time you drive by a homeless person or someone in need of help you can share the bag from the window of your car.

Here are some possible items, you could put in your blessing bags or just put what you think is best.  A poem or note. Toothpaste and brush. Socks. Energy bars. Comb. Hand warmers. Water.